Affiliate Program


Maya Black Car Service Nationwide Affiliate Program

Our New England Fleet prides itself on providing excellent service with late-model vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs. Our Affiliate Services Program can serve your clientele seamlessly with straightforward communication and simplified billing. Rest assured your clients will be satisfied with our high standards for vehicles, drivers, and ease of booking. Likewise, if your company would like to join our Affiliate Program, we have stringent requirements to satisfy our level of quality service.

Maya Black Car Service Standards


LimoAnywhere – DriveAnywhere: All Maya Black Car Service drivers use this mobile and web platform to schedule, manage and bill clients in a smooth and professional manner.

Flight Tracking

Each driver utilizes flight tracking systems to ensure they are prepared for changes in their customers arrivals or departures. Often customers may be unaware of a delay or cancellation, and we offer peace of mind and support when travel plans unexpectedly change.

Professional Drivers

All Maya Black Car Drivers are required to have an excellent driving history, a minimum of two years of commercial driving experience, and the motivation and supplies to clean their vehicles frequently including in between customers.

Vehicles in our Fleet

High standards are important and consistent for Maya Black Car Service. Customers will be treated to luxury late-model vehicles that are smoke-free, all-black, comfortable, and spotless.

Livery Insurance

All our vehicles are required to have up-to-date inspections according to local authorities and carry high-liability Livery Insurance.

Become a Nationwide Affiliate Partner

If your company is interested in our nationwide Affiliate Program, you will be required to provide all of the services above. Maya Black Car Service will carefully screen your drivers to ensure consistent service.

In addition to the requirements above, Maya Black Car will also require potential Affiliates the following:

– Proficiency using dispatching and flight tracking technology

– A proven history of excellent service

– Drivers who have proven their professionalism by serving your customers for at least two years.

– Late-model meticulously maintained vehicles including regularly scheduled maintenance and detailed cleaning.

– A history of ethical, transparent, and professional business conduct

If you feel your company would be a mutually beneficial Affiliate for Maya Black Car Service, fill out

the Application and W-9 forms below and return them to If you are not ready to apply or have questions, we are happy to discuss any concerns with you. Kindly email us at